Saturday, November 29, 2014

Digital Photography: Extra Practice Project - Make something 2 dimensional become 3 dimensional

Those who had finished their silhouette projects a day early spent the last day before break working on a simple, single day project. They needed to find something 2 dimensional and make it look 3 dimensional. They got to choose the subject matter and decide how they would incorporate something extending out of the 2 dimensional surface.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Digital Photography: Silhouettes

Students are just starting to finish up their silhouette projects. They were asked to go out in pairs and get photographs of themselves in 3 different poses. Once those images were ready, they picked one image to place inside of their silhouette as well as an image to surround the the silhouette. Each student created 3 versions (one for each pose) and combined them. Below are some examples of completed projects.

Mixed Media: Radial Prints

Students are working on transferring their designs onto linoleum squares and have begun the carving process. They have been thinking about which surfaces they want raised which will hold the ink, as well as which areas they want to be carved out. The areas that they remove will be areas in which the paper shows through the designs. They will also be creating a texture somewhere on their linoleum block by removing portions of different sections. Next week we will begin the printing process and start to create the radial designs by printing ink onto paper.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mixed Media: Radial Prints

Below are a few examples or the designs our Mixed Media students have been creating. They began with a design on  half of their square and then reflected it to the opposite half. This is the symmetrical design they will be using to carve into their linoleum square. We also duplicated the design and rotated it around one corner so that they could see what their finished design will look like once they complete the printmaking process.

Animals in Art: Zentangles

The 8th graders have just finished up their Zentangle projects. Below are a couple of work in progress examples as well as finished projects. Requirements included using 5 different patterns, including 3 types of lines, and painting using both watercolors paint sets and watercolor pencils. 

Mixed Media: Radial Prints

Mixed Media students are just beginning their next project, which is a lesson on printmaking. We practiced creating symmetrical designs on 3 inch squares and then traced the design 4 times by rotating it around the same corner. This project will incorporate digital design and students will be using Adobe Illustrator to create the lines and shapes. They will then transfer their design to a linoleum square, carve it out, and use ink to print it multiple times on paper. 

Digital Photography: Silhouettes

Digital Photography students are working on creating silhouette projects. They began by taking pictures of themselves in various poses. They will choose 2 other images for each pose- one will be surrounding their silhouette and the 2nd image will fill the area within the silhouette. Each student will create 3 different versions of this project and combine them into a larger format. 

Mixed Media: Clay Self Portraits

Students in Mixed Media have just started the first portion of their clay projects. They rolled out slabs, drew out the contour lines and facial features the next day, designed backgrounds, and let my dry. After being fired in the kiln, students will add color using watercolor pencils.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Digital Photography: Pop Art Portraits

Digital Photography students have recently finished their Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art Portraits. They were asked to use a photograph of themselves that they already had or use the cameras provided to take a picture of themselves or a classmate. We adjusted some of the different levels to create a black and white version of the image. Students then applied color behind this image in different areas to separate the different sections. To finish it off the students copied the image 4 times and changed the color using a hue/saturation adjustment layer on the individual corners of their image. 

Animals in Art: Zentangles

Students in the 2nd Quarter Animals in Art class are doing their Zentangles a little bit differently than those who took the class 1st quarter. Both used watercolors to add color to their projects, but this class is trying out watercolor pencils instead of using watercolor paint sets. They have a lot more control over where the paint goes and can really add detail into their designs.