Art Survey: Magazine Collage

Art Survey students are continuing to work on their magazine collages. Each student is using 3 analogous colors within their center design and another set of analogous colors for the border. The 2 main colors that the students started with before adding the neighboring colors were a pair of complementary colors. 

Animals in Art: Magazine Mosaics

Animals in Art students are starting to complete their magazine mosaic project. Each student chose an animal, drew it out, and located colors for it in magazines. They are cutting the pieces into small squares and are gluing it onto the sections within their drawings. 



Painting: Color Scheme Value Series

Painting students are continuing to work on their acrylic painting series. Each student started with a black and white version. Their 2nd painting is monochromatic, using a single color plus tints and shades. A few students have moved on to their 3rd and final painting of the series, the complementary color painting.

Art Survey: Analogous Color Magazine Collage

Art Survey students are beginning their magazine collage project. This project focuses on color theory and relationships (different color schemes). Each student began with a pair of complementary colors; these are colors that are located across from each other on the color wheel. They then took each color from that pair, located it on the color wheel and picked 2 neighboring colors to create a set of analogous color schemes. 

All students began with a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper and measured a 2 inch border all the way around the edge. Within the main part of their page, they divided the square into 3 spaces, anyway they wanted to. They then picked which group of 3 colors to place inside the main portion of their paper and each individual color got it's own space. The second set of analogous colors will be used to color the border, but instead of individual spaces, these will all be mixed together. 


Black and White Photography: Project #2 - Shapes and Lines

For their 2nd project, black and white photography students focused on finding areas that had strong lines and shapes. Students created a contact sheet showing all of their pictures, and picked the two they felt turned out the best to enlarge and submit.

Animals in Art: Zentangles

Students are in the final stages of their zentangle projects. Below are images of students' work in progress. This class ended up with quite a few turtle projects!

Painting: Color Scheme Value Series

Most students are continuing to work on their gray-scale version of their painting in their color scheme / value series. Here are a couple of close ups of individual sections of paintings as well as full images of students' work in progress.

When finished with their gray-scale versions, students will complete a monochromatic painting using a color of their choice, plus tints and shades. The painting will be the same design, just completed using different color schemes. Students will focus on matching the values they have placed across their series of 3 finished paintings.