Drawing A | Portraits

Students are using the grid system to create their portrait drawings. Each student selected an image of a person they would like to draw and printed it off. They drew a one inch grid over the top of the image and then drew a one inch grid on a piece of drawing paper. They began by mapping in the general shapes and outlines, will erase the grid lines and start to add in the values and shading within the image. 

Black and White Photography | Project #1

Black and White Photography students are just starting to finish their first project. Students took film cameras out during class and took pictures around the school. They developed their film and created a "contact sheet" by setting their film on top of the paper and exposing it to light. Once that was complete, students put a piece of them film into the negative carrier and place it into the enlarger to project a bigger version of the photograph onto the paper. Below is one example of a test strip and contact sheet along with six examples of finished 5 x 7 prints. 

Drawing A | Text Drawings

More finished examples of text drawings. These were created using words to draw. 


Drawing A | Text Drawings

Students were asked to create drawings and add value using only words. Some incorporated song lyrics or movie quotes, others used poetry or lists of words related to their image.