Art Survey | Op Art

 Art Survey students are finishing the spheres in their Op Art project and moving on to the background. Their background will also be a pair of complementary colors. It will have lighter values towards the center of each space and darker values near the edges. 

Drawing A | Fall Still Life

Below are Fall Still Life examples from Drawing A. These were based on objects set out on the table, but students were encouraged to add things that interested them to make the drawing more personalized to each person. 

Art Survey | Op Art Project

Art Survey students have started to create spheres and color the grids that are stretched over the top of them. 

Digital Art | Type Practice (Intro. to Magazine Cover Project)

In Digital Art students are practicing changing the size, color, and font of their text. They learned how to add outlines, textures, styles, and other blending options as well as cutting text out of an image.


Art Survey | Op Art Project

Art Survey students are beginning their last project of the quarter, an Op Art assignment. To begin, students practiced creating a series of squares and radiating lines. They colors every other space in and left those in between white. Some students were able to begin the actual project and started to trace circles and draw a stretched out grid with their circles. After drawing and coloring the circles, students will be adding the background into the project. This project will focus on complementary color schemes. 


Drawing A | Fall Still Life

Drawing A students are beginning their Fall Still Life project. This projects incorporates many fall items including pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and Indian corn. Students can include other scenery as well to make it more interesting for them. Some of these ideas included adding in tractors, trucks, deer and other animals. Student's can choose whether to usewatercolor pencils, colored pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, or just drawing pencils.

Digital Art | Spot the Difference

Digital Art | Multi-Self Portraits

 Digital Art students are currently working on their "Multi-self Portraits". With this project, the students are combining multiple pictures of themselves into a single scene. Below are some examples of this assignment. 


Drawing A | Fall Still Life

Drawing A students have been practicing adding color using various new materials and techniques. They compared chalk pastels to oil pastels, as well as colored pencils to watercolor pencils. The images below are comparisons of regular colored pencil to watercolor pencils used in 3 different ways. Below that is an example of a still life set up students could use to begin their fall still life drawing. With this drawing, the students are choosing which materials they are most comfortable with or would like to challenge themselves to be more successful with.