Digital Art | Color Wheels

 Digital Art students are finishing up ways of changing color and are moving onto their 2nd project, a color wheel. Below are images of practice assignments where students have colored the individual subject, colored the entire image, and separated the two into a cutout of the color-changed subject. 

 From here, students will be working on creating a color wheel project with the 6 primary and 6 secondary colors. 

Digital Art | Color Adjustments

 Digital Art students are focusing on color for their next project. To begin, they are learning about different ways to paint and add color as well as the different layer adjustment options for brightening, adding contrast, and controlling the vibrancy of colors within in image. 

Art Survey | Landscape Collages

Art Survey students are beginning their 2nd project, Magazine Collages. Using various sized strips and squares of colors, students will create a landscape scene. Below are a few examples of the Landscape Collages in their starting stages.

Drawing A | Texture & Value

Drawing students have been working on creating textures using value. By using sections of magazine images, they are working on sketching out the basic shape or the subject, comparing the positive and negative space within their drawing to the original, and are building up value to create light and dark areas. 

Digital Art | Finished "Animal in a New Location" Project

Digital Art students have finished their first project. They created backgrounds by combining 4 images of their choice. They incorporated an animal into the scene so that it was somewhere new and unexpected. 

Art Survey | Kandinsky Abstract Watercolor Paintings

Our last step in completing our Kandinsky Project was adding in the chalk pastels. This made our shapes and spaces stand out while creating a mixed media aspect to our project. Students explored a variety of color combinations before choosing how to add their chalk pastels. For example, they looked at blue outlines on blue shapes compared to orange outlines on blue shapes. They explored similar colors compared to colors that are very different. Below are some examples of the finished Kandinsky Projects.


Digital Art | Project #1: Animal in a New Location

Our first project in Digital Art focuses on combining images, creating cut outs, and making these fit together well by using adjustments and creating shadows within the added objects. Below are images of the students' work in progress. Before submitting they will adjust proportions and make sure they have combined a total of at least 5 images within their projects. 

Drawing A | Perspective

Before moving on to our next skill, Drawing students are spending a few days working on perspective. To do this, we created a three-dimensional box using two point perspective as a class. We then mapped out roads so that we could create a city scene. Within the blocks, we made three-dimensional boxes to create buildings. Those wanting a challenge added smaller three-dimensional figures on the tops of their buildings or used the horizon lines and vanishing points to create the windows or signs on the front of their buildings.

Digital Art | Shadows

 Digital Art students have been working on different ways to add shadows within their projects. The first way is reflecting an image. However, this won't always look right when placing cutouts into an image; so we also practiced a 2nd option, hand drawing in the shaded areas. The first section of examples below shows students selecting the subject, reflecting it and turning the reflection into a shadow using the paintbrush tool. 

Below are finished practices with 3 images that students practiced making both types of shadows on.

Drawing A | Value Scales, 3D Objects, Light Sources

 Drawing students have been working on value as well as using these values to make two dimensional shapes appear three dimensional. We have also talked about light sources and shading objects that are in groups. Below are a few examples of some of the practices students have been completing this week. 

Art Survey | Kandinsky Abstract Watercolor Painting

Our first project for Art Survey is a Watercolor Painting inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We analyzed images of his work and took some of the ideas from the examples to apply to our own art. For example, many of the examples had shapes and checkerboard like patterns; so in our work we included these as well. We have also done quite a bit with color as well as line before beginning this project. Below are some of the projects after the first couple of steps.