Painting: Portrait Series of 3

Painting students are currently working on creating a series of 3 paintings based on an image of a person they selected. Each student is painting a portrait that closely resembles their image before choosing two focus areas to paint a closer up, more detailed version of. The 'zoomed in' versions are not realistic, but have been changed by switching up the colors, adding designs, or making the image more abstract. 

Animals in Art: Imaginary Animals

Animals in Art students are working on a colored pencil drawing of imaginary animals. Each student picked 4 animals to combine and then created a creature that they have never seen before. After learning about analogous color schemes, students selected 3 colors that are located next to each other on the color wheel and began to add color to their animal using their selected colors.

Black and White Photography: Photograms

 Finished Photograms created by 10-12th grade students in Black and White Photography.


Painting: Favorite Food (Watercolor Painting)

Our students have been working on watercolor paintings that focus on the idea of food. Each student was challenged to make the painting as realistically as they could. Many students just depicted one item while others incorporated their ideas into a scene. Some of the results from this assignment are pictured below. 

Animals in Art: Magazine Mosaics

Below are some of the 8th graders finished mosaic/collage projects. Each student choose an animal to  base this project on keeping in mind they would need to look at the values and try to accurately depict the animal using small squares of color cut from magazines.

Black and White Photography: Photograms

 Students are continuing to create their series of photograms in the darkroom. When finished they will have 3 prints, one of which will be hand colored. Those who are not in the darkroom are learning about the parts of the camera to prepare for their next project using 35 mm cameras. 

Below are close-ups of some of the materials students have been using to create their photograms. Some of the objects shown below include jewelry, pre-wrap, q-tips, seashells, beads, cloth/fabric, streamers, pencil lead, and headphones. 

Animals in Art: Magazine Mosaics

Animals in Art students are about 1/2 way done with their Animal mosaics or collages. Each student drew out the image of their animal and is using magazine pages that have been cut into small squares to add color to their projects.