Black and White Photography | Weave Images; Elongated Images

Weaved Images
Students created 2 prints of the same image; they measured and cut horizontal one inch strips on one image and vertical one inch strips on the other. They then weaved the horizontal strips through the vertical ones. 

Elongated Image
Students created 2 prints of the same image; to create the elongated effect, students measured and cut one inch strips and glued the pairs of strips next to one another. 

Drawing A | Focus Drawings (12 close-ups of an everyday object)

Black and White Photography | Film/Photogram; Double Exposure; Image Doodle

 Film / Photogram Combination
This option was created by setting objects on top of the paper before exposing the image.

Double Exposure / Stacked Negatives
To create this type of project students created test strips for 2 images. They then lightly exposed the first image onto the paper, followed by the second image. 

 Image Doodle 
For the image doodle, students created a print as usual and then drew a scene onto the picture. 

Black and White Photography | Silhouettes

To create the "Silhouette" option for their final project, students first exposed an image into their photographic paper. They then covered the center with a shape of their choice. They turned the light on again to darken the edges. Below are some examples of the finished projects students created with this option.  



Drawing A | Watch Drawings

 Individual Examples show watches drawn at the end of the year. The pairs are watches drawn during the first week of class next to the watches drawn near the end of the semester.