Animals in Art: Oil Pastel Project

Animals in Art students have completed their oil pastel projects. They are moving on to their last project which require them to develop their own cartoon character and create a comic strip. 


Painting: Acrylic Combination Paintings

Painting students are working on combination paintings. Each student picked 2 images that they were interested in working with. They chose a way to combine the 2 into a single image and sketched it out on an 11 x 14 inch canvas. They have been working on painting their projects for 4 days so far and will finish them at the end of next week. 

Art Survey: Acrylic O'keeffe Paintings

Art Survey students just completed an acrylic painting project. They looked at images of Georgia O'Keeffe Paintings and analyzed how the artist "zoomed in" and created an abstract version of flowers. Students then picked an image to print and selected on area to recreate using acrylic paint. Many picked animals or sports related subjects, others included vehicles and musical instruments.

Painting: Acrylic Silhouettes

Below are images of finished silhouette projects. Students picked any subject matter they wanted and created some type of multi-color background that worked well with their image. 


Black and White Photography: Project 5 (Student Choice)

Students have 6 choices for completing their final project. One of their options is hand-coloring one of their prints using a thin layer of oil paints. They might also choose to overlap their negatives, move the paper to create motion blur, or place objects on top of the paper while projecting the image to combine the photogram project with an actual picture. Their final 2 options are elongating the photograph and creating a collage, both of which require printing multiple images and combining them together. 

Hand Coloring

Elongated Photograph

Film / Photogram Combination

Painting: Acrylic Silhouette

Painting students spent all last week working on silhouette paintings. Below are images of some work in progress as well as many finished paintings. These were all completed on an 8 x 10 inch canvas board. Students were required to show value and a variety of colors within their backgrounds and use solid shapes (any color) as the subject and silhouette.

Animals in Art: Oil Pastel Drawings

 Before beginning their oil pastel projects, the 8th graders completed a series of practice techniques to learn about blending, explore what colors work well together, and options for creating their backgrounds of their drawing. 


 After sketching out an image of an animal of their choice, students began by outlining it in a dark color. They choose similar colors that were slightly lighter to blend the colors as they worked towards the center of their drawings.