Digital Art | Clone Stamp (Mythological Creature Practice)

Digital Art students are beginning their "Mythological Creature" Project. Before starting this assignment, students are completing a series of practices using tools that may be helpful for them when creating this project. Over the next couple of days, they are using the clone stamp. Today they worked with a single image and duplicated eyes and noses on an image of a cat. They practiced adjusting the cloned areas by rotating and changing the sizes of these areas. 


Digital Art | Silhouette Project

Digital Art students just finished their Silhouette Projects. They combined all 3 to submit them (as shown below), but each square has it's own theme/concept. The first one has a "Dream" theme, the 2nd is "Weather" related, and the 3rd one is "the World"

Drawing A | Stipple / Hatch / Crosshatch Project

Drawing Students are creating a pair of drawings using one of the drawing techniques we have been working on in class. The three options are stippling, hatching, and cross hatching. Their 1st projects had to be animal, the 2nd could be anything they wanted. They were given 5 suggestions for methods to use on their 2nd project, but could do other things as well.

Art Survey | Op Art Project

Art Survey students have finished creating their spheres and their backgrounds. They used warm colors for one and cool colors for the other. To combine the two, students are using small cardboard squares to raise their spheres above the surface of the background.

Digital Art | Silhouettes

Digital Art students are completing "Silhouette Portraits". Each silhouette is created using a silhouette or the student. They are created 3 of these based on assigned themes. The 1st theme has dreams. Our 2nd theme is weather. Below are some of the projects completed to far. The silhouettes have images added surrounding them as well as an image placed within the person.

Digital Art | Pop Art Portraits

Digital Art students have just completed their Warhol Pop Art Portraits. As a class we practiced creating single portraits of images found online. Once comfortable with the steps, students created a portrait using an image of themselves or an image they had taken. 

Drawing A | Stippling, Hatching, Crosshatching Project

Drawing A students are creating drawings of animals by using stippling (small dots), hatching (small lines), or crosshatching (intersecting lines). Below are in progress images of this project.

Art Survey | Op Art Drawing

Art Survey students are working on Op Art Projects. To begin, they created spheres using their choice of warm colors or colors. They have now moved on and are created backgrounds using one of the three options we have practiced during class.

Digital Art | Pop Art Portraits

Digital Art students have started their Andy Warhol Pop Art project. To practice the steps, students all found an image of a person online. They cut the subject matter out to remove the background and created a threshold adjustment layer to make the image black and white. They then removed the white areas and used the paintbrush tool to add color underneath the original layer. For the actual project, they will be using an image of themselves or a picture they have taken. They will create a 3 x 3 grid with 9 total images all with varying colors.