Mixed Media | Watercolor "Dream" Books

Mixed Media students began the semester by learning a series of watercolor techniques. Pictured below are: 1. Cling Wrap, 2. Paper Towel Texture, 3. Gradient, 4. Curved Line, 5. Crayon Resist, 6.Value/Saturation, 7. Rolling Brush, 8. Wet Paint on Dry Color, 9. Glazing/Layering Colors. 

1                                             2                                            3

4                                             5                                            6

7                                             8                                            9

After finishing watercolor techniques, students began their backgrounds for our Watercolor Book projects. To do this, students selected 3-5 analogous colors (colors located next to one another on the color wheel) and found these colors in magazines. They cut these color samples into small shapes and glued them in different places around their page. 


Digital Art | Tools Practice

As Digital Art students learn to use Adobe Photoshop, we go through steps together to practice using specific tools and skills that will be beneficial. The first practice included mainly drawing shapes and using the paintbrush tool. Students also worked on changing the colors and sizes of the objects they created. Student examples are shown below.

For the 2nd assignment students were given a series of 3 images (2 birds and a castle scene - shown below) and also selected/saved an image of a sky. Students began by replacing the sky with the image they selected. The next step was to cut out the birds, resize them and place them into the scene. Skills students learned through this assignment include using the rectangular marquee tool, the quick selection tool, and crop tool. They also worked on placing images, resizing them, as well using the layer panel (naming layers, rearranging them, and hiding/showing specific layers). Student examples are shown below the image that was provided to the students.