Digital Art | Color Wheels

Below are finished examples of Digital Color Wheels created using Photoshop. This project combines 2 images (the subject that repeats and the background). Students also needed to know how to adjust or change the colors as well as rotate individual objects on the page. 

Animals in Art | Oil Pastel Projects

Below are some finished examples of our Franz Marc projects created by 8th grade students in Animals in Art class. Students colored their drawings using oil pastels and most chose to use abstract colors as opposed to realistic ones. 

Mixed Media A | Collage / Chalk Pastel Drawings

Mixed Media students have finished the collage portion of their project and are using the grid system to draw an enlarged section of an area of their choice. Students placed a 6 x 6 inch "frame" over their collage and drew a 1 inch grid over it. On their 12 x 12 inch drawing paper, they drew a 2 inch grid so they can compare individual boxes and where shapes meet the edges of the boxes to create a proportional drawing.

Some of the students have started to add color to their drawings. For this projects students must use chalk pastels and watercolor pencils, but can also incorporate other materials if they choose. 

Digital Art | Color Wheel Project

Digital Art students are beginning their 3rd project. This assignment focuses on rotating objects and adjusting colors. Each student will create a radial design using a repeating object that is changed in color to create the basic color wheel of primary & secondary colors. 


Animals in Art | Oil Pastel Project

Animals in Art students have been working with oil pastels to create drawings in the style of artist Franz Marc. Students got to choose which animals they wanted to draw for this assignment and colored them in using abstract colors. One skill students practiced and incorporated into this project was blending colors. For the backgrounds, students used different colors than their animal and designed an abstract pattern as opposed to a realistic scene. Below are some in progress examples.

Digital Art | Adjusting Color

Our first technique for changing colors was to use the "Solid Color Layer" on the subject matter. We then cut the subject out, refined the edges, and placed it on a new background. 

The second technique students tried was using a hue / saturation adjustment to change the color of their objects. Students selected an image and cut out the subject matter, duplicated it 4 times, and changed the color of each object. 

Mixed Media | Magazine Collage / Chalk Pastel Drawing

Mixed Media students are working on creating collages. With each collage they will choose a 6 x 6 inch section to enlarge in the form of a drawing. Students are using the grid technique to map out the proportions are get an accurate drawing.