Black and White Photography | Alphabet Photograms

Students in Black & White Photography are working in pairs to complete their first assignment in the darkroom. This assignment is to create Alphabet Photograms by cutting out a letter or using objects to create it. They are then surrounding it with various objects on top of our light sensitive paper and using the photographic enlargers to expose it to light. After processing the paper through the chemicals (developer, stop bath, and fixer), the image appears. 

Black & White Photography | Positive & Negative Space Drawing

Before moving into our Photograms, Black & White Photography students are studying the concept of positive and negative space. To do this they are creating drawings that are realistic on one side and focus on just the positive and negative space on the other. Examples of this are shown below. 

Animals in Art | Oil Pastel Project

Below are some finished examples of our oil pastel projects. The 8th grade Animals in Art students analyzed the artwork of artist Franz Marc and made a list of characteristics that they could incorporate into their own work. Some of these characteristics include using unrealistic colors, drawing their animals with geometric edges, and creating abstract backgrounds. 

Mixed Media A | Coiled Baskets

Basket Update: Students have started to finish the base of their baskets and are working their way up around the edges. Here are some examples of this project. 

Black & White Photography | Photograms

Black and White Photography students will soon be in the darkroom creating photograms. Photograms are created by setting objects with varying transparency on top of photographic paper and then exposing it to light. After developing the print, objects that are opaque block the light and leave the paper white, while the uncovered areas will turn black. 

In groups, students cut up examples of photograms and used small parts of each to create their own arrangement for a photogram. Some of the concepts we tried to show within our photograms were symmetry, line, shape, as well as creating a scene or object using other objects.

Animals in Art | Oil Pastel Drawing

Students are just beginning to finish the main focal point of their oil pastel drawings. They are adding unrealistic colors to their animals and have been working on blending multiple colors together. The next step will be to add color to the background while making sure they are using a design or color scheme that will differentiate the animal from the background. 

Animals in Art | Oil Pastel Drawing

Oil Pastel Practice: Students learned multiple techniques for separating and blending colors


Mixed Media A | Coiled Coaster / Coiled Basket

Mixed Media A students are beginning to finish their coiled coaster mini project. After completing this practice assignment, they will repeat the steps in this process, but build walls up to create a basket.