Digital Art | Holiday Transformation

Digital Art class has been working on their Holiday Transformation project. They began with a famous work of art and turned it into an image that represents a season of the year or a holiday of their choice. 

The Mona Lisa was a popular choice this year.

Drawing A | Portraits

Drawing students are beginning our Portrait unit. They are practicing using the grid system to get the facial features, hair, and clothing mapped in using accurate proportions. After creating a basic outline of the features, the grid is erase and the values are added. 

Art Survey | Abstract Watercolor Kandinsky Painting

These images show the 1st few steps of the 8th grade Art Survey students' abstract watercolor paintings. These are based on the work of Russian Painter Wasilly Kandinsky. To begin, students created a grid or checkerboard type object by drawing intersecting straight lines. They painted them using a color scheme of their choice. 

Art Survey | Finished Mosaics / Collages

Below are finished examples of the Sunset Mosaics and Collages created by the 8th grade Art Survey students. These are made by cutting out colors needed from magazines and arranging them to create the image.



Digital Art | Texture Portraits

Digital Art students have created texture portraits by creating cut outs of textures and placing them above their image of a person. They lowered the opacity to show the image beneath and created a background by using the "Liquify" feature on an image that had colors they liked. 


Drawing A | Watercolor & Ink Positive & Negative Space Snowflakes

Below are some of the finished Positive & Negative Space snowflakes created using India Ink and Watercolor.

Art Survey | Magazine Collage

 Here are more examples of the starting stages of our magazine collage project. students are using colored pieces that they fin in magazines to create a scene. Sunsets are other backgrounds that fade from one color to another are required. Adding a silhouette on top is optional.