Animals in Art: Comic Strips

After completing our practice activities and reading assignments on Comic Strips and Cartooning, the 8th graders each chose one animal to use for their comic strips and developed a cartoon version of it. They colored this using colored pencils and surrounded it with descriptive words that could provide information on the appearance of their animals, the personalities, or things it would like to do. When finished with that, the students sketched out their comic strips in pencil. 

Once the idea of the comic strip was all planned out, students made sure their panels fit the requirements by having 3 panels with gutters in between; incorporating a speech bubble, thought bubble or text; and making sure their animal isn't simply "copy and pasted" into each box but is shown from a variety of angles doing different things in each box. Students then began to add color to complete this project.

 Below are some examples of the finished comic strips.