Mixed Media | Thematic Weaving

Below are more examples of the watercolor backgrounds with acrylic stamps created by Mixed Media students. Next week they will choose 2-4 of their designs, cut them into strips and weave them together. They will then add words or phrases that all stick to a certain theme chosen by the student. 

 Before cutting up their actual projects, students are practicing weaving techniques using 2 magazines pages that they have selected. They cut the first page into 1/2 inch strips and taped them to a piece of paper. Next, they cut the second page into strips and started by going over one strip, under the next, over another, under the next. It is important that they alternate where they are starting on the strip, so that none of them are the same as the one directly above or below the strip. A few students are trying designs other than the traditional "over/under" for each strip.