Mixed Media | Watercolor "Dream" Books

Mixed Media students began the semester by learning a series of watercolor techniques. Pictured below are: 1. Cling Wrap, 2. Paper Towel Texture, 3. Gradient, 4. Curved Line, 5. Crayon Resist, 6.Value/Saturation, 7. Rolling Brush, 8. Wet Paint on Dry Color, 9. Glazing/Layering Colors. 

1                                             2                                            3

4                                             5                                            6

7                                             8                                            9

After finishing watercolor techniques, students began their backgrounds for our Watercolor Book projects. To do this, students selected 3-5 analogous colors (colors located next to one another on the color wheel) and found these colors in magazines. They cut these color samples into small shapes and glued them in different places around their page.