Digital Photography: Mythological Creatures

Students each opened an image of an animal to practice 3 methods that they might choose to use when combining their animals and making them blend together nicely. These options including using the smudge tool, the liquify feature, and the clone stamp. Once completing these steps, the students began to the first steps to combining their animals. Most haven't gotten to any blending yet so the examples are the very first stages of this process.

Below is an example of the clone stamp. This tool allows the student to select and starting point and duplicate this in another area. Based on where they start they can move to the left or right, as well as up and down to include the areas that surround it. The students won't be using it to duplicate entire animals, but might choose to use this to help blend textures together between images. 

The smudge tool allows students to move areas outward. This allows them to stretch areas out and push the edges into other images. This will help once they are ready to begin combining the different animals they have chosen to use for their mythological creature.  

Liquify is a feature that is very similar to the smudge tool. The main difference is that the smudge tool adds a blurred effect while the liquify option just pushes the color around.

Here are some examples of the first stages in this project. These students have combined different parts of animals into their own "creatures" but have not yet applied any filters or focused in on making the transitions more seamless.