Black and White Photography: Composition Activity (Photogram)

 As we continue to work towards our Photogram project, Black and White Photography students are working together to arrange objects in interesting ways. Each table in the classroom got a ziploc that contained the same type and amount of objects (only colors were different). To begin, they could  create any type of composition they wanted. Next they created symmetry by reflecting their design or rotating a design around a central point. The 3rd design focused on line; students could create straight lines, thin lines, thick lines, curved lines, or zig zag lines. Last, the students arranged the objects to depict an object or a scene. Between each challenge, students placed a star next to the example that they thought was the most successful and explained why it was visually pleasing. 

After learning about the enlargers and chemicals used to develop the paper, students will be moving to the darkroom. They will choose objects to place on the light sensitive paper and expose to light to create their photograms. An example of this project is shown below.