Black and White Photography: Photograms

Students are now working on creating their own individual photograms. These are created using photographic paper; students place objects on top of the paper, expose it to light, and develop it to see the image. The requirement is that each student submits 3 prints; one must be symmetrical, one must show overlapping, and the last can be anything they want. Students have been bringing in their own materials and coming up with unique ideas to create interesting prints. 

 This image shows an idea that one of the students wanted to try. She used watercolors to paint an image of an eye on a piece of plexi-glass. She then took the plexi-glass into the darkroom, put photographic paper beneath it and exposed it to light. The darkest areas completely blocked out the light (creating white areas) and the areas that were translucent only let some light pass through (creating various gray values).